Thursday, August 18, 2016

Creating Our Google Classroom Header

Teachers begin the school year building classroom community. I also want to build community in my virtual (Google) classroom!

One of the first Google Classroom assignments I plan to do this year is Creating Our Google Classroom Theme. Students will work collaboratively to create a custom classroom header which represents the individuality in our classroom community.

In this activity, students will think about an image which they feel represents their uniqueness. It could be something they really love, such as an animal, sport, food. It could be a favorite saying, character, book, or food.

In Google, I have created a header template with our class name and numbers. My students are assigned numbers the first day of school (as I am sure most of you do). Each student's job will be to find an image that represents him or her and place it on top of his or her number, creating a collage of the students' interests.

In this simple assignment, students will learn:
  • How to follow directions in a Google Classroom assignment.
  • How to collaborate as a class on one document.
  • How to use the Research Tool.
  • How to resize an image.
  • How to rotate an image.
 Want to try it? Here are some resources to help:
How to Create a Google Classroom Custom Header with Google Drawings
My Google Classroom Custom Header-   This is ready to use. Just change 4P to your classroom name and add or delete numbers as needed. You will need to first Make a Copy and save it to your Google Drive.

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