Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reaching Boys Who Struggle: Build Trusting Relationships

"Our first task is to help the underachieving boy - who is often highly sensitized to failure - feel safe enough in our classrooms to willingly reengage in learning." Kathleen Palmer Cleveland

Teacher Actions that Build Trust

Teacher-to-Boy Interactions
  • Attends to my interests in some way
  • Cares about me individually
  • Easy to talk to
  • Helps me feel OK about myself
  • Knows how I learn
  • Knows me personally
  • Knows what I'm feeling
  • Listens to me, is understanding
  • Listens when I have a problem
  • Respects me
Responses to Misbehavior
  • Doesn't hold a grudge
  • Fair
  • Gives me a second chance
  • Has no negative expectations
  • Likes me even if I mess up
  • Shows no favoritism
Support During Learning
  • Encourages me to try again
  • Explains work carefully
  • Helps me learn from my mistakes
  • Makes work interesting
  • Passionate about and committed to what is being taught
Fear Reduction
  • Doesn't humiliate me in front of the class
  • Explains policies and why they are being enforced
  • Relaxed and can laugh at own mistakes

From Teaching Boys Who Struggle in School:  Strategies that Turn Underachievers into Successful Learners p. 70

10 Strategies for Reaching Boys Who Struggle

10 Strategies for Reaching Boys Who Struggle

  1. Build Trusting Relationships
  2. Follow These Guidelines for Classroom Policies 
  3. Understand Boys' Basic Requests for Communicating
  4. Give Effective Directions
  5. Give Informational Feedback
  6. Use Affirming Statements
  7. Teach Pragmatic Communication Skills
  8. Increase Physical Comfort
  9. Apply the Principles of Active Learning
  10. Build Literacy Through Engaging Activities
  1. Build Literacy Through Engaging Activities

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